Official Announcement

BioCrypt Technologies announces backend built on Hyperledger Iroha framework.

        We have officially decided to build the backend of our blockchain on the Hyperledger Iroha framework. By using the Hyperledger Iroha framework we can offer both a public chain and private chains for our clients. This also provides us the ability to offer a permission based encrypted chain that can fully interact with our BioChips. We have begun testing of the chain to make sure that it can handle different stress loads. So far testing has been going smooth and we are able to scale it to meet our needs. We are aiming at private chains that are turn key and allow a great deal of customization to be done from our platform.

        Our stand-alone private chain can be deployed within your business and allow your data to stay in house (within the company, never hitting public domain). This allows you to set up multiple nodes at the same location or multiple locations across your business but keep all information private and confidential within the walls of your business.

        Building off of Hyperledger allows us to offer a blockchain that has no additional fees after initial setup and launch. Other than the server costs that are running the nodes there is no added fees or costs. There are no transaction fees, so processing large amounts of data does not have any impact on the bottom line so long as the bandwidth and memory of the server is adequate. The major benefit we found to using Hyperledger for our back end is that interactions with the BioChip will allow for millions of scans per day with no transaction cost. Every scan with many other chains have a fee that would add up quickly over time.

        As a business we decided that when pitching our products to businesses, having no reoccurring costs is extremely beneficial and provides a leg up on other blockchain solutions.