BioCrypt (BIO) Token Info

Round 1 Registration has completed. We will be updating users as to how many BIO they will be getting soon. We are currently auditing the registrations to make sure everyone gets their fair share and weeding out the bots.


To add BIO to your ERC20 wallet please use the following information:

Contract Address: 0xf18432ef894ef4b2a5726f933718f5a8cf9ff831
Token Name: BioCrypt
Symbol: BIO
Decimals: 8



We ask for Donations to help support the TX Fees to distribute the AirDropped tokens to all users. If you would like to donate to help us with this please click one of the following links. We can take Paypal, or Ethereum. 



Donation Options

Paypal - Please send payment via paypal to Sales@BioCrypt.Tech or the Donate button below
Ethereum - 0x89e1c16776d606b422ebde44757f67081cb394db

DRGN - 0x89e1c16776d606b422ebde44757f67081cb394db 

If you would like to pay in another form of Crypto please Email Sales@BioCrypt.Tech


Token Name: BioCrypt

Ticker: BIO

Token Type: ERC223 (Ethereum based same as ERC20 just upgraded/added features [Backwards Compatable with ERC20])


Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Company Reserve: 363,000,000

Team / Partners: 137,000,000

Public Offering: 500,000,000


Airdrop will be conducted in 3 rounds.

Round 1: 71,428,571 BIO Tokens

Round 2: 142,857,143 BIO Tokens

Round 3: 285,714,286 BIO Tokens



Round 1 - registration will begin Aug 15th - Sept 15. Tokens will be released the last week of September.


Round 2 - registration will go from Oct 15 - Nov 15, Tokens will be released the last week of November.


Round 3 - registration will start Dec 15-Jan 15, Tokens will be released at the end of January.




Round 1:

Each user that registers for the airdrop will get their fair amount of tokens based on how many registered users there are.

DragonChain (DRGN) holders will get a bonus based on their DDSS on top of what they are getting from the airdrop itself.

DDSS/dragon wallets will be broken into 10 groups based on percentile. The highest DDSS gets the biggest bonus:


0-9 = 10% bonus

10-19 = 20% bonus

20-29 = 30% bonus

30-39 = 40% bonus

40-49 = 50% bonus

50-59 = 60% bonus

60-69 = 70% bonus

70-79 = 80% bonus

80-89 = 90% bonus

90-100 = 100% bonus

Round 2:

Each user will again have to register for this airdrop. Everyone that registers will get BIO Tokens. This time the bonus will be based on users that have held their BIO Tokens / amount of BIO currently in their wallet from round 1. (This round will not include a bonus for DragonChain holders as they have already gotten their bonus).



Round 3:

Each user will have to register one final time to get their BIO tokens. Again, everyone that registers will get BIO Tokens. The bonus this round will also award you more BIO tokens based on the amount of BIO from the first and/or second round of the AirDrop.


Users will be able to aquire additional BIO Tokens between rounds from 3rd parties or from one another.



**Each round the token distribution will vary based on the amount of registered users.**

**The bonuses for holding BIO Tokens will also have increased.**