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Founded in July of 2017, BioCrypt Technologies, Inc is a digital token and platform where end users and businesses are able to leverage the power of Block Chain, as well as RFID and NFC technology to propel themselves forward into a faster and more convenient future. The BioCrypt platform will have a vast number of use cases ranging from payments, authentication, supply chain management, data verification, and security; just to name a few.


You can use the BioCrypt wallet to store your BIO and other tokens.


You can track and verify where your items are by last destination scans.


You are able to shop the BioCrypt store and purchase items.


You are able to authenticate who and what has access and where.


What does BioCrypt do?


BioCrypt uses RFID and NFC technology to make everyday tasks easier and more convenient. These include authentication and verification, essentially allowing keys to become obsolete; supply chain management and item tracking through destination scans; and many more.


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Download a Wallet

Easily gain access to your own wallet in a few clicks.

Use BioCrypt (BIO)

You can use your BioCrypt for all kinds of transactions and verifications.

Stock up on BioCrypt

Every additional feature that comes with BioCrypt will require you to hold a certain amount in order to operate.

BioCrypt (BIO):


The way to acquire and use BioCrypt is not

as complex as it seems.


Download BioCrypt Wallet


Download BioCrypt Wallet app for your PC, Android, or iOS to send and receive BIO. You can create multiple wallets for one account.


Add tokens to your wallet


Once the app is downloaded you can add the BIO you’ve already received or exchanged.


Send/Receive with wallet


The process of sending BIO is very simple: 


- Enter receiver's BIO address

- Specify the amount

 - Confirm address and send

Where to Find BIO:



Meet our team


People behind our success

Eric Reed

Founder / CEO 

Michael Howell

Project Manager

James Saxton

Operations Manager

Eileen Quenin


Charlie McCoy


Dr. Gregory Mabry 

Chief Medical Advisor

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