Our Projects

We are one of the first and only crypto companies to actually bring real world products and projects to the masses.  We are integrating RFID and NFC along with blockchain technology to bring products to market!

Wallet Projects

We are developing wallets to cover each platform for users. Windows, Linux, OSx, Android, iOS, and BioCrypt Chip. These wallets will allow you to store your Bio Tokens as well as Fiat money.

Cold Storage

We are developing the ability to use the BioCrypt Chip as cold storage using BioMetric Authentication to secure your coins and tokens.

Payment Processing

We are working on building out a payment processing system which will allow you to make and recieve payments via the BioCrypt Platform. This will include both Fiat as well as Crypto.



We focus on security. We are continuing to find more inovative ways to keep our platform and tokens secure. Beyond that, we are also taking care of secure physical access!

Identity Verification


We are building our framework to allow users to authenticate themselves using our BioChip


We are working on many different ways to incorporate BioChips into controlling and using them to access your vehicle!