"Bio" Token - BioCrypt

BIO - Token Generating Event (TGE) Information

Participation details: Details will be updated here as well as on the main BioCrypt Website and all social pages.
**Exact information is subject to change, it will be announced via the website and social media and official chats.**

Coin Name: BioCrypt
Coin Symbol: BIO
Coin Platform: ERC20

DRGN holders will get special offering advantages based on their slumber score. More information to come.

Official Token Offering Start: Coming Soon

Total Supply of BIO: 150,000,000
Public Offering: 97,500,000

Accepted Currencies: BTC, ETH, and LTC
Cost Per Token: $0.30

Coin Distribution: Coins will go through a cycle of audits to assure everyone that participated in the Token Generating Event gets their fair amount of BIO. We estimate that this will take roughly 2 weeks.

Upon the completion of these audits, an announcement will be made and BIO distribution will begin.

To receive your BIO: Upon filling out the form for our Token Generating Event, you will be required to enter your wallet address.
We suggest you download the official Bio wallet or use MEW (My Ether Wallet) when we announce it in order to receive your BIO.

**If you use an exchange wallet, BIO will not show up.**

Bio - Token Generating Event Structure

The token generating event will be broken down into stages with a predetermined amount of coins in each stage and bonus level.
Stages and bonuses/discounts being determined

​​​​​​​and worked out with DragonChain

Bio - Token Distribution

65% of Bio will be released durring the token offering
15% of Bio will be released to the company reserve
15% of Bio will go to the team
5% of Bio will go to marketing and bounties

**Funds raised from the Bio token ofering will go back into expanding BioCrypt Technologies, Inc.

This will allow us to further develop our custom blockchain, expand into other markets, as well as acquire the needed developers required to build and expand into other real world products.