About BioCrypt Technologies, Inc.

Some information about BioCrypt Technologies, how we came about, the dream, and the team!

It all started with the idea after seeing something in the news a few years back about a guy who was working on being able to control everything without the need or hassle of having keys, the headline on the news was something along the lines of becoming a cyborg. This immediately made me want to be able to have a chip implanted into myself where I could simply wave and have doors open, hop in my car and just start it up and go without the need for keys, wave my hand over card readers and pay for things.

A few years of that just sitting around in my head not knowing how to make this happen I stumbled upon a company that actually developed the chips that allowed, given the right talent could be made to do this. We have now partnered up with this company and are working on building our relationship to create even larger and more endless opportunity using this technology.

Within the couple years I had started to get into cryptocurrency and trading. I like many others started on Coinbase. This wasn’t enough because I had been used to traditional stocks where I had more options, so I heard about Bittrex and had started trading not only Bitcoin, but also altcoins. This is how I managed to find, or be found by Jim (Our lead developer). He brought me into a small group where I was then introduced to James (Our Co-Founder and COO).

Well, at this point we are now here in late July, 2017. We have been trading together and working together to help each other grow and expand in crypto. I have let them know my ideas and thoughts of possibly being able to somehow incorporate all of this that we have been doing for the last few months together all into products that could potentially have real world use. After talking more about the ideas with James, he started to be able to envision the same products and other possibilities. So, at this point there was a lot of brainstorming on how to approach this type of task.

We decided to share our ideas and goals with Jim at this point. He has been able to develop many useful tools to help us in trading more efficiently, from charting in real time instead of the delay on the exchanges, to trading much faster without the lag of the website and webserver to place buy and sell orders.

From here we have pretty much collectively agreed that perhaps we should pursue starting a company that will be able to take advantage of the RFID and NFC technology and implement that into being used in the blockchain and cryptocurrencies. At this point we decided, we would need more than one developer so this is where Jake came into the picture. He is a developer for a major company already. After giving Jake more details about our ideas and thoughts, he started to share the same vision as well as come up with more ideas.

Now here we are launching our website for our business that is now legally incorporated. We are planning the launch of our token sale and things are really moving quickly. We realized that perhaps we need some help as far as marketing and business strategy goes. This is where we met some incredible people that are able to help us do exactly that. We were introduced to our current team and through weeding out some, we have developed a core group that shares a vision and ideality when it comes to BioCrypt. We have had meetings with some major players in the game as well as some major ideas come into the picture.

With everything that we will be able to do beyond make and receive payments via our chip, we are now looking at developing our own platform (Blockchain and currency) that will allow everything to work together and continue to grow all while keeping the blockchain incorporated. This will allow us to bring Blockchain Technology to the masses. By being able to bring the blockchain tech to the everyday person, we can also introduce them to cryptocurrency and help bring about mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies throughout the world.